One of my best friends has been spending the year as a nanny in Paris, and every FaceTime call included a sneaky little "wish you were here......." or "free place to stay......". By February I got the message and started monitoring flights, dates, pricing, yada yada. March fifth I bought a one way ticket to France (couldn't afford the return flight just yet....). We planned a lot and made the decision to visit Italy while I was there- Pisa | Florence | Cinque Terre | Rome. Imagine this, two 19 year old best friends traveling France and Italy together, not speaking the native languages, having barely, i repeat BARELY enough cash to get by, with just one stipulation of eating gelato daily. It was literally epic. BUT, I will be 100% transparent real quick- it was hard, and traveling is not the glamorous adventure it is always cracked up to be. We were totally broke, we took public transportation everywhere which was a bear to take on, there were creepy guys in most cities and all of our friends/relatives were convinced we were going to be taken 4, and we never had enough time in any one place. Of course there were more mini uphill battles along the way, but in an honest report, it was amazing and unparalleled, but not a pinterest fairytale way. It was real and raw and rad.

Of course the camera was around my neck 90% of the time, so here are some pictures from the trip.